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When you need reliable market data on international US housing demand, you have to talk to ORB International about its strategy, research and networking options. ORB’s dynamic and innovative professionals understand the overseas property market inside-out and can provide you with the data and connections you need to grow your business.

Vital data from ORB’s extensive, targeted databases enables clients to understand what motivates international US real estate buyers, including important issues such as market trends, where the destination hotspots are, who is buying where, average spend and much more.

ORB International represents several important international bodies in the United States, including the UK’s leading overseas property trade body, the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), and helps to grow membership, increase sales revenue and promote brand values.


The ConXglobal International website at is ORB International’s primary online promotional vehicle to reach a demographic of affluent international clients/buyers. Through this vital resource consumers can access news on all of the topics covered in the Investir USA expo seminars.

  • The real estate process
  • Latest market updates
  • International tax requirements and advice
  • Immigration
  • EB-5 and other visas
  • Getting your children into the US school system
  • Expanding your business to the USA
  • and more…

Between them, ConXglobal’s newsletters reach almost half a million international property investors around the world. ConXglobal’s bi-weekly USA real estate e-newsletter is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English versions, and is received by 300,000 affluent US property buyers around the world, while the biweekly Industry e-newsletter is emailed to 140,000 international real estate professionals. Cost-effective advertising and sponsorship packages are available. Individual country distribution break-downs can be obtained. For more details, see the ConXglobal website.
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