Technological Edge

Business Consultancy

For international property businesses that require a bespoke solution, ORB offers a special tailored consultancy solution to provide tailor-made marketing, promotion, and networking options for discerning clients.

Orb is strategically placed as a non-selling and well-connected global real estate entity enabling it to promote clients at arms-length through industry partnerships, overseas networks, multi-media outlets, and consumer/industry databases.

Orb’s expertise lies in the access to, and the identification of, appropriate media channels through which to circulate editorials and 3rd party endorsement

Content Creation

Orb has the in-house ability to create marketing & web content in English / Spanish / Portuguese - whether you are launching into a new market and require fresh & targeted marketing collateral, need a press release, or even an RSS feed of relevant articles for your blog, Orb writers are staff to assist. Orb Creative's designers work seamlessly with our writing team to produce collateral that has both visual impact and a clean, clear call to action.

Cross-Platform Promotion

ORB is the exclusive representative of the London-based Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), the UK’s leading overseas property industry body, to exclusively promote the organisation in the US, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America. ORB International also works closely with the Fedelonjas real estate body in Colombia and Cofeci-Creci in Brazil.

ORB has experience of organising and managing many of the top property expos throughout the world including Brazil, the UK, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Dubai, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, China and more.

Britweek Orlando

BritWeek is a celebration of all things British in Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, San Francisco, and Orlando, highlighting the amazing depth and breadth of British connections in those cities. The annual BritWeek program is a series of events in each city that highlights the rich and varied creative relationship between the UK and US, through which Brits and Americans working together have changed the way we live, work and play.

BritWeek is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization highlighting the creative fusion between the UK and the US. Every year BritWeek hosts a program of events that promotes British creativity, innovation and excellence across multiple categories, from business to art, fashion to sport, retail to music, and more.

BritWeek’s mission is also to support other non-profits, and philanthropic contributions have included fundraising for numerous charities, such as Dreamflight, The Little Dreams Foundation, and programs promoting childrens’ sports and literacy.